Top Drawer 2019!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Top Drawer was an amazing experience!! Meeting talented and friendly makers along with inspiring and passionate buyers.

Buyers ranged from online independent retailers, bloggers, international and national boutique and gallery owners and many more new and established companies. Listening to the stories of each visitor to my stand was inspiring and refuelling.

New Wholesale Products

Showcasing my new wholesale products stacks of bowls, wine beakers and tea plates was fantastic. Talking to buyers about my work strengthened my resolve for my business and sparked off new ideas and plans for the future. Each of my above products were ordered by new suppliers!! Fuelling me to be proactive this year with designing and making new items.

Future Products

A teapot has been a goal for my Home Collection for a number of years and I have begun to make prototypes which will be available for wholesale by September ready for the Christmas Market. Handled jugs will be ready for summer fairs and can be order from late Spring!! A reusable travel beaker will be available too!! Thank you, Top Drawer 2019, for being such a great event!!

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