Talking Cups

Instagram has become part of our everyday lives and allows us to interact with each other and become part of each other’s stories. I have loved the interaction with individual customers and current stockiest. Seeing my work being promoted by others has been one of the highlights of 2018!!

Using my Images

Whether stockiest repost my images sure as Mostyn and The Little Shop Bristol or if they photograph my work in a new context like Valley Mill, Swansea. I am always excited to see the interaction with other people and love being part of other companies’ feeds!! Knowing the work, I have created is playing part in other companies’ growth is wonderful!

Joining another Story

Beach Shack Project, Catherine Gennard and Ann Marie Bailey have used my work in their own stories. Creating different narratives where my work has found a home. This is the most moving part of putting your work out into the world. My hope is that my work is touched, used and treasured and seeing through these stories that my work is finding new life and creating inspiration for its new owners world is more than any designer maker could ask!!

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