Craft Fairs, 2018

Autumn Show, Three Counties Showground, Malvern      29th - 30th Sep

Beyond Borders, St Donats                                    9th - 10th Jun

Cardiff International Food Festival                6th - 8th Jul

Cirencester Art Market                                3rd Feb

Craft Folk Summer Festival, Cardiff             12th - 18th Aug

Festival of Crafts, Farnham                          27th - 28th Oct

Frome Independent Art Market                   4th Mar, 1st Apr, 6th May & 2nd Dec                        Hereford Art Market                                    21st Apr, 16th Jun, 8th Sep, 3rd Nov & 8th Dec  

Malvern Art & Food Market                        17th Mar, 5th May, 25th Aug, 13th Oct  & 24th Nov 

Orchard Street Market, Gloucester            4th & 5th Aug

Snapped Up Market, Printhaus, Cardiff      10th & 11th Aug, 17th Nov

Tewkesbury Farmers & Craft Market        10th Feb

Tobacco Factory, Bristol                             14th Jan

The Sustainable Studio Mini Art Market    1st Dec