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Savour the Flavours: Serve and Impress with my Three Gravy Jugs

There's something magical about gathering around the table with loved ones sharing delicious food. I invite you to discover my three Gravy Jugs to elevate your dining experience and create unforgettable moments. In three sizes 1.5 Litre Giant Gravy Jug, 1 litre Large Gravy Jug or my popular 500 ml Gravy Jug. Not only do these exquisite stoneware pieces embody the Japandi-style charm, but they also offer functionality, aesthetics, and endless opportunities for serving delectable dishes. Get ready to serve and impress with my Gravy Jugs.

Delectable Gravies: No dining experience is complete without a rich and flavourful gravy to enhance your main course. My three different-sized Gravy Jugs are ideal companions no matter how many guests you are hosting for serving these tantalising gravies. Here are a couple of recipes that will impress your guests:

Rosemary and Red Wine Gravy:

After roasting a succulent cut of beef or lamb, deglaze the pan with red wine. Pour the flavourful pan juices into a pan. Add beef or vegetable stock, a fresh rosemary sprig, and a Worcestershire sauce dash. Simmer gently, allowing the flavours to meld together. Pour into your selected size of Gravy Jug; the result is a luscious, aromatic gravy that will elevate your roasted meats.

Creamy Herb Mushroom Gravy:

In a medium pan, sauté finely chopped mushrooms and garlic until golden brown. Add vegetable stock, a splash of double cream, and a medley of fresh herbs like thyme and parsley. Stir well and heat gently. Pour into your selected size of Gravy Jug. This velvety and fragrant gravy pairs beautifully with roasted poultry or mashed potatoes, creating a comforting and satisfying combination.

Serving Suggestions and Styling Tips

To create a memorable dining experience, presentation is vital. Here are some serving suggestions and styling tips to enhance the visual appeal of your table setting:

Pair my Gravy Jug with my 900 ml Pitcher or 600 ml Large Jug as a striking centrepiece on your table. The combination of their landscape-inspired colours and refined textures will captivate your guests.

Serve refreshing beverages in my Landscape-Inspired Pitcher or Large Jug with matching tumblers, garnished with fresh herbs or citrus slices for an elegant touch.

Place the Gravy Jug alongside your main course, allowing guests to serve themselves efficiently. Surround it with decorative herbs or flowers for an added pop of colour.

Consider adding other elements inspired by the British landscape, such as pebbles or driftwood, as table decorations. This will further enhance the natural ambience and create a cohesive theme.

With one of my three Gravy Jugs, you have the perfect tools to create unforgettable dining experiences. These stoneware pieces combine functionality and aesthetics to delight your taste buds and visual senses. You can transform any meal into a captivating feast by incorporating these serving suggestions and styling tips. 

Posted by Karen Dawn Curtis on October 18th 2023

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